Second Brain

Organise Your Entire Life with Notion Second Brain

Notion Second Brain is the only system that allows you to track tasks, notes, projects, areas, resources, goals, and so much more, all in one beautiful system.

What's inside?

  • Dashboard - See everything in one place
  • Tasks - Capture and manage tasks quickly and efficiently. Eisenhower Matrix to help you prioritise tasks
  • Projects - Add projects, link them to tasks and track progress automatically
  • Notes - Get everything down and easily access them again. Add a status to make sure you review everything
  • Resources - Collect anything important you see on the internet in one organised place
  • Inbox and Shortcuts - Quickly capture anything, and organise later. Never forget a thing
  • And so much more...

This template is a full operating system with multiple Notion templates synced together and working as one streamlined system. This system is guaranteed to make you more productive.


1. What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one platform that allows you to do pretty much everything. Take notes, manage tasks, add projects, and get organised. Notion is made to make everything easier.

2. What is a Notion Template?

Notion templates are pre-built Notion designs that can be duplicated into your own workspace, which can help you be more productive.

3. Is Notion Second Brain worth it?

This system has been meticulously designed by a Certified Notion Expert, with over 4 years experience with Notion. Not only will this make you infinitely more productive, but this template will save you hundreds of hours of your time because by buying this template, you get instant access to a productivity workhorse, you can use right away.

4. I have more questions

No problem. Send your question to and I will gladly answer it.

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Second Brain

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